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RCEP and One Belt And One Road jointly promote industrial synergy between asean and China

Views: 13     Author: 闫磊     Publish Time: 2020-12-14      Origin: 经济参考报

At the recent "One Belt And One Road dialogue between China (yantai) and asean special event", Chinese and asean business people said that in the future, the RCEP and the One Belt And One Road initiative will provide broader space for industrial synergy between the two sides.

Ning-ning xu, executive director of the china-asean business council said at the event, China and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) and the relevant countries to jointly promote the RCEP construction has entered a substantive stage, can draw lessons from China is about to join the world trade organization (wto), when parts of the country, the industry organizations and enterprises should focus on the RCEP countermeasures, preparing for the plan, conduct training, open to seize market opportunities and challenges.

As the largest FREE trade area in the world, the RCEP is more open and open in more areas than the WTO. This is related to the changes in the pattern of international trade and investment.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the completion of the china-asean free trade area, witness and participated in the whole process of cafta construction ning-ning xu said, China and asean each other open market for industry, connectivity, and financial cooperation has created favorable conditions, make the economic linkage development, rapid growth of trade, investment, since this year between China and asean each other's biggest trading partner.

Over the past seven years and more, the One Belt And One Road cooperation has also brought vitality to the economic and trade development between China and asean.

Ning-ning xu stressed that the global COVID - 19 outbreak continues, the severe downturn in the current world economy, China - asean industrial cooperation is very important, it can bring the enterprise of "point - line - face" cooperation, complementary advantages are beneficial to the construction of countries in the region of the new industrial chain, to achieve more trade creation, investment, create, improve productivity, anti-risk ability and international competitiveness of the region.

At the event, the Yantai Bureau of Commerce signed a memorandum of understanding with the Singapore Chamber of Commerce in China.

Up to now, Yantai has attracted 540 investment projects from ASEAN countries, with 2.6 billion US dollars of ASEAN funds actually used.

There are 73 enterprises invested by Yantai in ASEAN, with China's agreed investment of US $2.09 billion.

Wang Ziyuan, president of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce in China, said that the signing of the RCEP will provide A broader platform for Yantai to further deepen its economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries and more favorable historical opportunities.

The strong economic and trade complementarity between Yantai and ASEAN countries will be conducive to the development of such complementarity and the realization of common development.

China chamber of commerce in Malaysia Fang Weicheng said, with the signing of the RCEP and Malaysia 4.0 plan "of" industrial policy support, and connecting with the yantai electronic information, equipment manufacturing, high-end chemical and other advantages of the eight leading industries, expect from yantai enterprises get more high quality and high technology investment, promote enterprise especially in industrial machinery, electronic commerce and digital economy and other emerging industries and areas of cooperation.

To seize the opportunities of digital economy development under the RCEP, ASEAN countries have also strengthened their ties with The Chinese business community through online docking.

This week, an online and offline business opportunity promotion conference was held in Myanmar. Xu suggested that industrial organizations and enterprises of China and Myanmar should strengthen coordination and jointly seize the development opportunities brought by the RCEP.

Liu Yu, chairman of Jiangxi Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that Jiangxi has always attached great importance to friendly exchanges with ASEAN countries, especially Myanmar.

The meeting will help Jiangxi enterprises to understand the economic and trade situation and business opportunities in Myanmar, and promote the cooperation between Jiangxi and Myanmar in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, information and communication technology, energy, especially renewable resources, on the basis of infrastructure and modern agricultural industry cooperation.

At the meeting, Du Xuexin Wu, commercial counselor of Myanmar Embassy in China, introduced local advantages.

Du xuesin Wu said that Myanmar has a growing domestic market demand, a large number of young labor force, rich natural resources, geographical advantages, products can easily enter the two neighboring markets, namely China and India;

Companies in Myanmar enjoy preferential tariff treatment granted by many developed and developing countries, and Myanmar participates in a series of ASEAN free Trade agreements.

Myanmar has optimized import and export procedures, exempted certain import and export commodities from licenses, lowered technical barriers to trade, and exempted imports of fertilizers, agricultural machinery and tools, pesticides, medicines and raw materials from commercial taxes and stork


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